Silk Screen vs Screen Printing

silk screen vs screen printing

T-Shirt printing and silk screen printing both offer a unique way of personalizing garments. T-shirt printing is done using a special process to print t-shirt fabric onto an in-demand fabric, such as cotton or polyester. Screen printing is done by using a printing machine that deposits a stencil image directly onto any T-shirt material. The advantage of silk screen printing over T-shirt printing is the fast turnaround time and custom design options. To answer the question, what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two different T-shirt printing methods? Let’s take a look at both ways and their pros and cons.

T-shirt printing is done on a cost-effective T-shirt fabric that can be used over again. It is a great economical option for large orders and can be done in short order to make an immediate personal impact on any garment. The cost benefits are that screen-printing clothes can be custom-fit to your size without any costly alterations to the actual design.

A disadvantage of T-shirt printing over silk screen printing is that there is no color fading with either method. Silk screen is known to have fade-resistant properties, but T-Shirts have not been proven to have any significant level of fade resistance. Screen printing tends to last longer than T Shirts due to the screen printing process, allowing more colors to be imprinted onto the same piece of T-Shirt material.

Disadvantages of silk screen printing are mostly the inability to alter the shape of the garment and the lack of control over the image appearance. T-Shirts are known for their unique and exceptional physical appearance. This is not the case with T-Shirts, which are usually worn for casual purposes. This type of garment can easily be altered by a simple change in lifestyle or perhaps color scheme.

If you choose T-shirt printing, you will also need to consider how much screen printing will be required. T-shirts can be made in a wide range of colors depending on the colors available on your market. Silk screen printing will need fewer areas of actual printing to cover the entire garment. T-shirt printing will also produce faster speed with less waste than T-Shirt printing. The cost-benefit will become apparent over time as the garment will last longer and continue to look good.

There are many factors to consider when comparing the advantages and disadvantages of silk T-Shirt printing vs. screen printing. When comparing these two methods, it is important to determine the garment’s purpose, and how much control and attention will be focused on this piece of clothing. There are instances where a garment may need both methods to achieve the end result. T-shirt printing should be chosen based on a case by case basis. T-shirt printing is an excellent way to make your product stand out from the crowd; however, if that isn’t your intended outcome, choosing a screen printing method may be more practical.

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