Shirt Design Ideas to Give Your Print Design Services Experts

Shirt Design

The possibilities of shirt designs are endless. Compared to other clothing types, t-shirts work better as a blank canvas because they are simple without all the frills and buttons.

However, it can be a challenge for some to choose shirt design ideas than a custom t-shirt design company. There are so many inspirations!

So, depending on whether you’re looking to customize apparel for your business, school, favorite band, and more, here are seven shirt design ideas to give your print design service experts and get you started. Hopefully, one small suggestion can spark a chain of bigger ideas for you!

Shirt Design Services Ideas For Companies  

Whether you work for a corporate, a start-up, or manage a private business, getting your staff shirts with custom printing can create many benefits.  However, the main issue with finding shirt design ideas for a business brand is getting the employees motivated to wear them.

If the shirt design sells what your company does, most employees would likely avoid wearing the piece of advertisement. Gifting your teammates with custom-made shirts is different from gifting customers.

Employees choose to work for your company because of its mission, values, story, or personality. So, consider conveying those elements, such as embroidering the brand’s philosophy or team motto on the shirts.

Also, you may likely be expected to incorporate your brand’s colors, logo, and icon. However, you can consider illustrating in a subtle manner, such as making the brand name small and positioning it near the heart. If your business logo is enlarged and fixated front and center (or on the shirt’s back), that might just scream ‘too extra.’  

Shirt Design Ideas for Business Events  

If you’re planning for a professional event, such as a tradeshow or conference, getting custom-designed shirts to represent the event is an effective marketing tactic. Moreover, it can be a sure way to enhance the visitors’ overall experience.

One shirt design idea is to possibly build on the previous years’ designs and roll out a new shirt design for the renewed event. In this way, you would help to emphasize how the seminar, for example, this year is ‘bigger and better.’ Plus, when it comes to shirts being generally made for events, a timestamp or specific year is usually indicated.

Shirt Design Ideas For Celebrations  

Are you going all out for a bachelorette’s party or a birthday? Maybe even for graduation? Another great thing about custom-made shirts is that they can take on any occasion, appropriate or not. There’s no filter.

Depending on the theme of the party, you’d want to integrate symbols and icons, such as balloons and a tiara for a bachelorette’s shirt. Most party-ready shirt design ideas also contain festive and colorful graphics, cartoons, and thick, fun fonts.

Depending on your tastes, it can also be personalized with a person’s face plastered on the shirt! So with shirts made for parties, the general thinking is big and crazy. You’re allowed to be wildly inappropriate and funny!

Shirt Design Ideas For Sports  

How far will you go for something (or someone) you love? A shirt designed around your passion is a sure-fire way to express yourself clearly.  And it goes without saying for the millions of die-hard sports fans out there!

Whether you’re a retailer or a fan who wants to get custom matching shirts for their friends, the apparel designs in sports fandom are limitless. Rather than slapping on only the sports team logo, try to incorporate related images or objects that symbolize the team.

For instance, consider a baseball bat or the team’s mascot kicking a soccer ball. Sports-themed illustration styles are usually cartoons and sketches.

Shirt Design Ideas for Music Bands  

No music show experience is complete without a band t-shirt for it. Like sports fans, music lovers will want to show their love with a shirt design that embodies the musician’s logo, name, and instruments.

Also, depending on your music genre, your shirt graphics should convey its theme. For instance, when it comes to heavy metal styles, most shirt design ideas are of large abstract artwork that almost takes up the front or back of a black t-shirt. The graphics typically are in high contrast colors, such as red, blue, and gold.

However, black and white artworks can evoke a mysterious mood or a vintage persona. If you already have an album cover, fans would expect to see some, if not all, of the album’s artwork on the shirt.

Shirt Design Ideas for Academic Organizations  

School pride is no joke, especially when you count all the sweat, blood, and tears you had put into it. Therefore, many students and alumni alike want to show off their pride with a school t-shirt. Most shirt design ideas for educational institutions, and even mini-camp programs, integrate the school’s colors, logo, mascot, graduation year, and/or slogan.

If you’ve achieved high honors in a particular council or club, you might consider using its name as well. For instance, near your school’s name, you could have embroidery with “Honor Society” or “State Championship.” Plus, don’t get the important element – your graduation year or award year.

The main idea is to be fun yet appropriate because you want to give your school a shout-out and make them look good.

Shirt Design Ideas For Non-Profits  

Who says shirt designs have to be fashionable? If anything, they’re the perfect excuse to make a statement.

In other words, a shirt is a piece of someone’s story – or problem. And no one tells their story better than a non-profit that usually aims to promote awareness on humane subject matters.  

However, it’s possible to get your message across without the need to get too serious. Instead of dark tones or heartfelt artwork, you can consider light colors, such as blue, pink, white, and cheerful graphics.

You’d want to highlight the problem you’re trying to fix while avoiding negativity because who wants to casually walk around in that? A cheerful shirt design brings about a sense of hope, which is exactly what your cause is.

Final Thoughts on Shirt Design Services

With various uses, custom-made shirts are a great marketing tool to enhance your own image or that of something far bigger and greater.

Here at Orange Sunshine Graphics, we offer embroidery, rush shirt deliveries, in-house design services, and more, all to bring your ideas to life. No matter what they are, we’ve been helping local traders, and small businesses tell their stories through apparel.

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