How Screen Printing Works

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How Screen Printing Works

Wearing a statement shirt or a bold tee begs the attention of onlookers or passersby. Printed tees are extremely prolific but how screen printing works is not as simple as it looks. Screen printing art is a creative process, and it requires not just skill but close attention to detail, patience, and love for the craft.

Where to Begin?

T-shirt screen printing, just like most visual art forms, begins with the person who beholds the idea. Whether it is the artist, the client, or both, every creative tee project starts with an idea or design envisioned to be placed in an awesome shirt.

The artist assists the client or the person who has an idea of the shirt design—the artist aids along the creative process. The former then build the foundations in making these designs a reality. The artists then will help identify what screen printing fabric to use or what screen printing products are best for the type of cloth or material used. They will also determine if a spot process screen printing or CMYK print is needed.

Of course, you should make sure that you approve of the digital design from the creative team. This way, the final product will not shock or disappoint you. 

Design to Screen

Afterward, the design you have approved will be burned onto the screen, depending on the plan’s requirements. To effectively imagine how screen printing works, think of how old silk screen strategies use a stencil.

In more modern silk screen printing, the clean screen will be covered in a green emulsion. This material will ensure that ink will not get through the screen apart from the shirt design spot. What “burning the design” means is that after filling up the screen mesh with green emulsion, the computer-to-screen exposure unit will transfer the design to the screen. This will result in a clear area in the mesh where the ink can go through. This portion is the design spot of the screen.

Mixing and Pressing

After identifying the most suitable colors and combining them to perfection depending on the design, the inks are loaded to the press and are prepared to be printed on the screen printing fabric.

How screen printing works is that ink is pressed into the shirt (or fabric) after ensuring that colors are supposed to be and that the alignment is correct. After pressing the design on to the shirts, these will be loaded up to dry.

Grand Finale

Once printed shirts are dry and ready, any last-minute quality check and final touches will be conducted. Afterward, these are sent to shops or shipped to the buyers directly. In cases where your nearby screen print shops do not provide designs or high-quality work that you need, you can also opt for screen printing online. This can help you decide what is best suited for the plan you have envisioned, and they might be able to provide the most appropriate colors and fabric.

Check your nearby providers in Davie, Florida, for all your screen printing needs. Start turning those heads and getting attention by wearing an awesome shirt today.

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